Thursday, January 29, 2009

A few comments for GoTo Meeting...

I warned 'em. I gave them plenty of time to respond!

What follows are my comments to GoTo Meeting regarding their pathetic customer service and inferior product.

We've been customers for several years and normally I would never think of doing such things but, I get held to a higher standard every day. So shall they:

A couple things:

1) Your customers service is pathetic. If you're going to continue to compete in the highly contested web-conferencing space, you'd better bring it up several notches.

2) The first person I encountered was not able to answer my question. Then, I was sent to a general voicemail queue after being told that I would be transferred to someone who could help me with my question.

3) I've been down this road before, "all representatives are currently busy..." Yeah, I've been there & done that! I have "never" been able to get through.

4) My question; "When are you guys going to offer full motion webcasting?" This, is a NEED! Don't kid yourselves.

5) I like your tool...but not that much. You now have beaucoup competitors, or should I say that "we" have many, many options available to us now.

6) Did I mention that I'm the CEO and we have a corporate account with you?

7) I'm waiting... Let's see how long it takes for you to respond, if at all.

8) Tick tock...

9) Next stop the blogsphere! Then, you can deal with it there.


  1. Customer service across the board is tanking. I've had issues with 3 different companies over the past few weeks with piss-poor customer service. Lowe's at least has taken the initiative to fix the problem right away and at its source. We can only hope other companies will follow their example.

  2. Last night on Twitter @WomenCan asked the question: What do you remember most about a business? For my radio show. Let me know your thoughs.

    My response was quite simple and required zero thought. Every working person on the planet provides customer service - we need all remember that from janitors on up to the president...

    THAT my dear boss is why WE at Cazbah are so good! ;)


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